Janice P

This is a simple example of what the ActivityInColor platform can enable a person to create.  A canvas which may be colored by anyone.  The owner of the site, can earn a passive income in 5 ways.

  1. Adsense (Google Ads which display as users visit the coloring site)
  2. With our Digital Asset Player (YouTube videos may be created, illustrating how a user colored a canvas, or a series of canvases)
  3. We have the ability to place the colored canvas on merchandise, i.e., shirts, facemasks, coffee mugs, hoodies, etc.. (All on demand and drop-shipped)
  4. Our system is an entry path to online affliliate marketing.  The site owner selects interest and we enable site visits to generate income for the site owner.
  5. Last but not least is our ultimate goal, which is have all websites with our plug-in generate advertising revenue. This will keep revenues generated within our communities, stay within our communities.  Our businesses will be supported by our businesses and beyond.

To learn more… visit our site at  (This is the foundational “core” of ActivityInColor)

Thank-you for your time and attention.

The ActivityInColor Founders!

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